Sunday, 6 May 2012

For the first time in awhile, I got some free time. I'm super busy, so whenever I do have free time I always try to make a video. Today though, I just couldn't get myself out there. It was a gorgeous day, but I find that I'm having to force myself to make doll videos. It's not that I don't love dolls or youtube (no, I'm not going to leave), I'm just so un-inspired. I'd rather lay down and go on facebook. It's not until I see a really funny or inspiring doll video that I do "hmm. I'm going to make a stopmotion!" so the most that I could do today is a photoshoot.
I do have an idea for a stopmotion, though! I'll probably make it throughout the course of this week:) It's about my dolls playing hide 'n go seek. ;D
I've also decided what doll to get! I haven't saved up enough money for her yet, so I can't get her quite yet. I've decided on this doll (I don't know what # she is)

I decided on her because she has long, straight hair, so I will be able to do a bunch of different hairstyles with her. Also, she has darker skin, which none of my current dolls have :) I think that getting her will definitely inspire me for a lot more stopmotions and videos :) Should I do an opening video? Again, I probably won't be getting her for another month or two. ( the reason that I didn't get JLY55 [allthough she will probably be my next doll] is because so many people have her, I wanted to try a doll that not quite so many people have :)
One problem: I have no idea what to name her!
1) Paris
2) Piper
3) Reese
4) Bobbi
I like these names, but i don't think that any of them really suit her!? do you like any of these names, or do you have any other ideas? Please comment! (:

From my photoshoot today, I had like 3 pictures that i really really like how they turned out.

Which one's your favorite? personally I like the last one :)


  1. :D I am so glad you chose her! at first i thought you should get #55.. until you put this MAG in your list!
    I think you should name her Nicole or Reese :)
    ~ sjag4ever
    P.S ~ you should make an opening video!

  2. Cool! I like that doll. I think Paris suits her. Or Bobbi. Not the other ones, though.
    DO AN OPENING VIDEO! I love those!
    Also, if you need a blog design, I do them for no money. =]

  3. Paris!
    I ♥ THAT NAME!

  4. Love the name Piper. So tough but at the same time nice and sweet!

  5. I like that doll :D I love those names, but I don't know if any fit her.... except Reese. That is like the perfect name for her ;)

  6. Hi! :) I love your blog!
    I like the names Paris or Piper.
    I love the photos of Lanie! I like the 2nd one the best! :)
    ~ Jess

  7. I think you should name her Piper! :D

  8. I like the name Paris for that doll. I was going to get her and name her that, but my mom said it should be a while before I get another doll (I have 6 and I collected all 6 in a year). And I like the 2nd photo.

  9. I like the name Paris for that doll. I like the 3rd picture.

  10. here is the list of names I like:

  11. And I LOVE the second photo

  12. Yayy! I hoped you would get that doll!