Sunday, 6 May 2012

For the first time in awhile, I got some free time. I'm super busy, so whenever I do have free time I always try to make a video. Today though, I just couldn't get myself out there. It was a gorgeous day, but I find that I'm having to force myself to make doll videos. It's not that I don't love dolls or youtube (no, I'm not going to leave), I'm just so un-inspired. I'd rather lay down and go on facebook. It's not until I see a really funny or inspiring doll video that I do "hmm. I'm going to make a stopmotion!" so the most that I could do today is a photoshoot.
I do have an idea for a stopmotion, though! I'll probably make it throughout the course of this week:) It's about my dolls playing hide 'n go seek. ;D
I've also decided what doll to get! I haven't saved up enough money for her yet, so I can't get her quite yet. I've decided on this doll (I don't know what # she is)

I decided on her because she has long, straight hair, so I will be able to do a bunch of different hairstyles with her. Also, she has darker skin, which none of my current dolls have :) I think that getting her will definitely inspire me for a lot more stopmotions and videos :) Should I do an opening video? Again, I probably won't be getting her for another month or two. ( the reason that I didn't get JLY55 [allthough she will probably be my next doll] is because so many people have her, I wanted to try a doll that not quite so many people have :)
One problem: I have no idea what to name her!
1) Paris
2) Piper
3) Reese
4) Bobbi
I like these names, but i don't think that any of them really suit her!? do you like any of these names, or do you have any other ideas? Please comment! (:

From my photoshoot today, I had like 3 pictures that i really really like how they turned out.

Which one's your favorite? personally I like the last one :)

Friday, 27 April 2012


So, about a year and a half ago, when I was REALLY into webkinz, I subscribe to "LiveLaughKinz" on youtube. She left youtube, and when she left I got less and less interested in webkinz.
The other day though, she began posting youtube videos again. They made me want to go on webkinz again, and for the first time in over a year I did.
Funny thing about webkinz, it's super addicting. I'm probably not going to buy any more, AGD's have my monday reserved, but I do enjoy going on and designing rooms, buying rare items and such (: I also decided to make a webkinz youtube account. How often I'll post in it, I'm not sure, but I being a "kinz tuber" is so similiar to being an AGtuber. its actually kinda funny :) and I like being involved in both of them :)
The username on my Webkinz account is Lidpop, and my webkinz youtube account is WebkinzPaisley, if any of you want to check it out! (:

Saturday, 14 April 2012


I feel like I haven't had any money to buy any doll things with since the AGP Seattle trip. I have to use my own money to buy anything, and after saving up for Seattle, it was Christmas, my computer, and then my trip to Arizona. Finally, with all of that bought and out of the way, I have some extra money. I'm saving up for a new doll just in time for summer, but I'm not sure which one. Help me choose? :)

This is JLY#55. I LOVE her. I would probably name her Paris or Reese.

I also LOVE this JLY. (I'm not positive of her number) I would name her Emily or Piper. 

 I'M SORRY D: I added her way after posting this hahah (: No idea what JLY she is, but i just saw her and fell in love with her because of her hair and darker skin. I really want a darker skinned doll, and I love how her hair is straight so I'll be able to do a bunch of different hairstyles with her :)

What do you guys think? I am leaning towards JLY#55 just because Emily/Piper looks a LOT like emma, but I still love all of  them and will probably eventually get all of them, it's just a matter of what one I will be getting first. Comment your opinion! :)

My Day With Anna! :)

So, the other day I got to spend an amazing day with Anna, Basilmentos!

I went over to her house hauling all of my dolls in my soccer bag. We spent a really long time before filming anything just walking around in the forest, picking out great filming spots. The forest was HUGE, and so beautiful! We spent so much time picking out spots to film in that our filming time was really limited!
We ended up having just over two hours to film our whole "Hunger Games" video, so we decided to cut it down a bit. We decided to film only Rue's death scene and make it really good. We spent and hour and a half on it, and by the end, even though it was a sunny day, we were both freezing and had lost all feeling in our feet. We were both super hungry, too. We headed on back to her house, and ate all we could until it was time for me to leave.
It was such an amazing day, I can't wait to see Anna again! :)
Our video turned out so good, I think! Anna did an INCREDIBLE job editing it! :) Check it out on both of our youtube accounts. :)