Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Day With Anna! :)

So, the other day I got to spend an amazing day with Anna, Basilmentos!

I went over to her house hauling all of my dolls in my soccer bag. We spent a really long time before filming anything just walking around in the forest, picking out great filming spots. The forest was HUGE, and so beautiful! We spent so much time picking out spots to film in that our filming time was really limited!
We ended up having just over two hours to film our whole "Hunger Games" video, so we decided to cut it down a bit. We decided to film only Rue's death scene and make it really good. We spent and hour and a half on it, and by the end, even though it was a sunny day, we were both freezing and had lost all feeling in our feet. We were both super hungry, too. We headed on back to her house, and ate all we could until it was time for me to leave.
It was such an amazing day, I can't wait to see Anna again! :)
Our video turned out so good, I think! Anna did an INCREDIBLE job editing it! :) Check it out on both of our youtube accounts. :)


  1. The video is amazing and really well done.
    Awesome job Alex and Anna

  2. Awww Alex... I had so much fun! I seriously cant wait until we can get together again and make another one :)